Published on 9 August 2019, W C L D N – a deeply personal account of following the 2018 FIFA World Cup in London whilst struggling with depression – is Glen Wilson’s first book.


London, England; the long hot World Cup summer of 2018. Endless sun, fractious politics, Boxpark beer showers, and a growing belief that football might just be coming home.

​​​​​​​From Lewisham’s local pubs to the Colombian cafes of Elephant & Castle, and Belgian bars of Covent Garden; W C L D N is a look at how one of the world’s most global cities consumes one of the most global sports events.

​​​​​​​At least it would be, had its author not been lost in the fog of depression. Instead it is an observation on London and its football fans written through a clouded lens.

​​​​​​​How do you connect with one of the most unifying, most communal events of the sport you love, when you are at your loneliest? Is the football merely a diversion from the everyday; a means of escape from the heavier pressures that continue to weigh down on you? Or can it offer a way to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings?

Praise for W C L D N

An absolute gem. A must-read for any football fan. Will take you right back to last year and every other glorious World Cup summer.

David Bevan, author, The Unbelievables

In W C L D N, Wilson creates a fascinating Venn diagram between London’s multiculturalism, and mental health. At its intersection lies a painful story of how easy it can be to become closed off in one of the most open cities in the world. It is a poignant and timely reminder of the many inner struggles modern men face.

Jack Peat, editor, The London Economic

W C L D N reduced

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